The Experience

Made for you

THE Paradigm Process

From the moment you schedule a consultation with Paradigm Custom Clothier, you'll notice a departure from the traditional menswear shopping experience. Instead of navigating through crowded displays and racks, you'll find yourself in the comfort of your own space, whether it's your home, office, or another convenient location.

Gone are the cluttered assortments and overwhelming choices. In their place, you'll discover a personalized and curated experience reminiscent of a modern, sophisticated fitting session. Our mobile stylist brings the showroom directly to you, creating an ambiance that mirrors a refined living space rather than a traditional retail environment.
1. Your Personal Stylist
Upon arrival, your stylist warmly welcomes you, ensuring your comfort. We then delve into your lifestyle and sartorial needs, guiding you through fabric choices, weights, textures, and patterns. This kickstarts the design process, catering to your style, budget, and occasion.
2. Styling Your Garment
The Paradigm Clothier garment design and styling process is an exciting journey, tailored to highlight and reveal your individuality.

If you're new to this exploration, fret not. Our experienced and passionate stylists are here to make recommendations and guide you through the process. We'll consider your personality and intended settings every step of the way.
3. Your Fit Preference
In the comfort of your own space, our hallmark experience unfolds seamlessly. We begin with precise tape measurements of your body, followed by assessments of posture, shoulder slope, and other key factors. Our selection of try-on garments allows us to ensure a perfect fit, refining every detail during your fitting session.
4. The Final Fitting
In less than 90 minutes, our consultation delivers a truly enjoyable experience, reminiscent of Savile Row for the modern gentleman. Within 4-6 weeks, your completed garments will be presented for a final fitting, ensuring the perfect fit. Subsequent visits benefit from your established measurement profile and ongoing relationship with our stylist team.
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